We enhance health and social equity with services that are culturally and linguistically appropriate for our diverse community.


We empower our community members by providing education, resources, and tools that enable them to reach their full potential.


We enrich Frederick County by celebrating cultural heritage and diversity of our immigrant communities.

Our Mission

The Asian American Center of Frederick (AACF) is a minority-led, community-based organization with a mission to to enrich the future of Maryland by equipping and empowering all immigrants to become independent and self-sufficient contributors to their communities and American society.

We envision a community in which everyone feels valued, enjoys a high quality of life, and contributes to society.

We believe that with a little help, every member of our community is able to succeed.

AACF is welcoming to all, and our services and programs are available to everyone.

WHo We Are

AACF’s diverse and dedicated team has been diligently serving Western Maryland since 2005 upholding our commitment and dedication to meeting the immigrant community’s evolving needs.

What we do

At the Asian American Center of Frederick, we are committed to addressing the critical needs of our community. Through our diverse range of programs, we provide access to essential healthcare services and information, early childhood education, workforce development, citizenship and integration services, language instruction, social services navigation, as well as medical and emergency financial assistance.

Family Support

We provide free services and activities for parents and children, fostering healthy and thriving families.

Doctor assisting patients at annual health fair

Community Health

We provide health education and improve healthcare access for the most vulnerable.

Citizenship & Integration

We support newcomers with legal services, language and civics instruction, and resettlement assistance.

Senior Services

We take care of seniors through companionship, services navigation, and engaging activities.

Doctor assisting patients at annual health fair

Workforce Development

We train and certify a culturally competent and multi-lingual Community Health Worker workforce.

Cultural Enrichment

We celebrate our community’s rich heritage and traditions through festivities and cultural displays.

Doctor assisting patients at annual health fair

Volunteer Support

We provide opportunities and support to those who are interested in giving back to the community.

Emergency Assistance

We support community members who are facing medical, food, and shelter emergencies.

Our Programs

Our programs offer support for families, improve healthcare access, refer to local resources, teach essential skills, assist with immigration matters, and more.

Get Involved

Take action and make a difference. Volunteers and donations help us accomplish the important work we do in Frederick County.

Need Help?

If you or someone you know needs assistance, click the button below to contact us. Our team will help connect you with the best resources for your needs.