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Mask Project at Home

Do you love to sew? Do you have some minutes to spare to sew masks to help the health care workers to solve the mask shortage problem?

If the answer is YES, we need YOU!!! 

Please contact us at [email protected] to receive mask kits (fabric, elastic, pipe cleaners). We can drop off and pick up the materials for you.

Welcome, RSVP Volunteers!

To register for the Annual RSVP Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast, please fill out the registration form by clicking on the button below. 

Who We Are?

The Retired & Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP) led by the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS) is one of the largest volunteer efforts in the nation. RSVP engages older adults (age 55+) in a diverse range of volunteer activities that address critical community needs.  They serve in numerous nonprofit organizations, public agencies, and faith based groups.

To learn more about Senior Corps and RSVP, click HERE

Currently, RSVP of Frederick County, sponsored by Asian American Center of Frederick, works closely with over 20 partners/stations and several hundreds of volunteers to fulfill its mission. 

If you are 55 and older, retired or not, with some time to share and a desire to make a difference, please contact us and we will match your interest, skills, and talents with organizations to meet the needs of our local community.  You can choose how, when, and where you want to serve. 

RSVP of Frederick County
1306 W Patrick Street, Unit 5A, Frederick, MD 21703

Tel: (301) 694-3355
Email[email protected]

Our Partner Agencies

We Work with Our Partners to:

  • Recruit and screen volunteers.
  • Assist with volunteer program development.
  • Provide excess liability insurance for volunteers.
  • Recognize the accomplishments of RSVP volunteers.
  • Help agencies measure the volunteer impact on community needs.
  • Identify and match volunteers with recent professional experience to provide consultations on agency needs such as strategic planning, program management, public relations and grant writing.

Please contact us if you need information about station volunteer assignments.

New Partners

If your agency is interested in collaborating with RSVP of Frederick County, please contact us at 301-694-3355, or e-mail to [email protected].

Across Ages Mentoring

What is Across Ages Mentoring?

Across Ages (AA) Mentoring is a school and community-based mentoring program targeting youth 11-13. The unique feature of RSVP’s Across Ages is the pairing of older adult mentors (55+) with young adolecents, especially those making the transition to middle school. The program has 4 components: Mentoring, Community Service, Life Skills Training for Youth, and Community Activities. 

To become a mentor, please contact: [email protected], or call 301-694-3355

Students? Why Join?

Need help with homework? Want to learn a new skill? We match students 6th & 7th graders with our dedicated RSVP mentors. 

To participate, please contact: [email protected], or call 301-694-3355.

Featured Stories

Harold Bollinger – Thurmont Food Bank, Oct. 2019

When Harold Bollinger started to volunteer at Thurmont Food Bank (TFB) 17 years ago, TFB was led by Emily Yingling, director, and mother of Harold’s wife Anita Bollinger. Inspired by the mission of TFB, the work done by Emily Yingling, and determined to make a difference in the community, Harold and Anita started to involve themselves heavily, and are now the longest serving volunteers at TFB. From the time they joined RSVP in February 2016 to December 2018, Harold and Anita have each logged in over 1,500 and 1,300 hours respectively. 

Although Harold has arthritis in both hands, that does not prevent him from helping out. He drives over 80 miles every month to pick up food at supermarkets and bring it back to TFB; he checks donation baskets outside the food bank daily; he packs food for needy families, answers questions, and helps them sign in, and so forth. 

Thurmont Food Bank has become his second home; he and Anita rarely take time off or go on vacation. As population grows in Thurmont, so does the need for food distribution. At the time when Harold started to volunteer, TFB served approximately 40 families on a regular basis, but today it is serving more than 200 families. The impact that Harold, Anita and other volunteers at TFB has made is immeasurable. 

“I enjoy giving. I especially appreciate the positive feedbacks from the families because I know I am helping them and it makes me feel good about my work, “said Harold, grinning.

Q & A

Is there a fee to join?
There is no fee. We are grateful that you are willing to donate your time and that you have recognized the great impact volunteers can have on their communities.

Will I need training?
Some volunteer assignments may require some training. Of course you will be informed and educated about the role you will have as a volunteer.

Do RSVP volunteers only serve the nonprofit community?
No! We strive to support the efforts and missions of nonprofit organizations and government agencies within Frederick County.

I’m disabled, can I volunteer?
Every effort is made to develop volunteer assignments that are accessible to persons with diverse physical limitations. RSVP of Frederick County will comply with all aspects of the Title VI Civil Rights Act of 1964.

What are the advantages of volunteering through RSVP rather than directly in my community? Either way it seems I am helping!
RSVP performs like a placement agency. We conduct an interview with you to see where your interests are, what your skills are, what kind of time commitment you want to make and what you did during your career. Based on that information, we work with an extremely diverse group of organizations to match you with the perfect job. We also provide supplemental insurance which is free to you during your volunteer activity. Additionally we plan social events such as the annual volunteer recognition ceremonies and many other social events.

Why is it so important to report my hours?
We track the number of hours our volunteers provide. When you report your hours, we gather them to document your sizeable impact on the community. These hours are then reported to Congress. Through RSVP, you are giving back to your local community while serving your country at the same time.

May I join RSVP and continue serving where I am?
Yes. If you are currently volunteering at one of RSVP’s partner agencies, you can become a member and stay right where you are. If you serve at a non-profit that is not currently a member, we can discuss it becoming one.

Can you help me find something that will accommodate my busy schedule? I sometimes travel quite a bit.
We have many kinds of volunteer opportunities to choose from — sporadic, seasonal, monthly, and weekly – depending on your needs. We also have special event and project teams that gathers as needed depending on the project.

Will there be much travel?
We always try to match you with an assignment close to your home. If your position requires training, it might take you a little further away, but it wouldn’t be a regular trip.

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