S2M2: Science, Service, Medicine & Mentoring

Student to Doctor in 5 Days! Witness the Transformation! 

The Asian American Center of Frederick brings to Frederick County the S2M2 program again this year. This program has already been held in Montgomery, Baltimore, Prince George’s and Howard Counties! S2M2 is Science, Service, Medicine, & Mentoring – a week long community outreach program founded on the principles of sustained engagement and long term mentoring contributing to the success of college-bound high school students from diverse economic, educational, and ethnic backgrounds. 

In ONE WEEK you will: 

  • Learn about (among other things) health disparities, nutrition, preventive care, health information rules and laws, anatomy physiology, clinical practice, surgical knot tying, suturing, dissections, laparoscopic surgery skills, infectious diseases, and even deliver a baby!!!
  • Research a health care topic and create a professional brochure and poster and perfect your presentation skills at a community based HEALTH FAIR that benefits Frederick County!  You’ll be the expert!
  • Get the inside scoop on college admissions, medical school preparation, curriculum, and clinical skills, and be the person who will make a difference in the lives of others!
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