Our diverse staff is unique in that we represent the communities with whom we try to reach and work.

Elizabeth Chung: Executive Director
Known as an unstoppable and inspiring force in the Frederick community, in 2005 Elizabeth Chung launched what would later become the Asian American Center of Frederick as an afterschool program called LIFE and Discovery. Truly believing that the greatness of America comes from its diversity, Elizabeth sought to overcome discrimination and disparities towards minority and immigrant groups. Elizabeth witnessed how access to health was limited by language barriers and cultural competency. The AACF has become what it is today through her relentless and tireless efforts as the Executive Director.

Eran Bosaz: Operations Manager
As if being Operations Manager of AACF isn’t enough responsibility, Eran somehow manages to find time instructing the STARTALK students in the summer, volunteers her time as an AACF Ambassador at community outreach events by making connections with community members and potential community partners, and acts as an interpreter whenever called upon. Eran originally came from Hong Kong, so she understands firsthand both the challenges and wonders that new immigrants to this country face. As a proud US citizen, Eran wants to ensure that everyone feels at home in Frederick County just like she does. She believes that, collectively, all community members’ skills and cultural traditions will provide an enriching local experience of a mixed culture that everyone has the opportunity to benefit from. “We all belong to one race – the human race; with diversity and inclusion, the world becomes more vibrant and peaceful” – Eran Bosaz.

Dr. Matthew Nimpson: Program Manager of Citizen Integrated Services
Dr. Nimpson has a stoic demeanor and does his work with a full heart by serving the Frederick community as a previous A STAR! Western Maryland AmeriCorps Member. He came to the United States in 1990 from Liberia, and finds himself in an interesting position to help those who have shared the struggle of immigrating to the US:  he offers them support through Citizenship Integrated Services offered daily at the AACF office with the help of CASA de Maryland.  He recognizes the great need there is to help our fellow community members, and he believes in the inherent worth of doing so.  Along with speaking his native tongue of Kru, he can also speak and write in Russian.

Roy Libdan: Programs Manager

Tessie Peifer: Volunteer Coordinator/CHW School Community Based Lead
Tessie, originally from the Philippines, moved to the US when she was 23. Her deep connection to her Asian/Pacific Islander heritage is what initially drew Tessie to the AACF. Tessie’s passion showed as she quickly became the volunteer coordinator for our organization, focusing on recruiting others that share her same passion for cultural diversity and understanding within our community.

Marilen de Jesus: Language Resources Coordinator
Marilen was born and raised in the Philippines and recently moved back to Frederick in 2004.  She has an Architecture and Construction Engineering Technology background and studied Engineering Project Management.   Marilen has always been passionate about volunteer work.  She currently co-owns The Happy Project in the Phillipines, a small social enterprise that supports differently-abled persons by providing them jobs.  She also supports a local soup kitchen in the Phillipines, where she used to be a volunteer teacher for street children educating them values before every feeding program.

Nancy Boyd: Nurse Educator & Supervisor, CHW Program
Nancy joined AACF in August 2016 as our Nurse Educator for our Community Health Worker (CHW) program.  Her registered nurse experience started in critical care in Pittsburgh, PA and Alexandria VA and then in community health at FMH Wellness Center.  Nancy is also an AHA Basic Life Support Instructor, a Certified Child Passenger Safety Technician Instructor and coordinate Safe Kids Frederick County.

Gracy Villacis: Community Relations
Gracy serves as our community outreach for our events and services.  She has been in the US for nearly 15 years and originally from Ecuador.  She is very passionate about helping the community.  Her goal is to educate our community about the vast services offered to our community that many may not be aware of due to a language barrier.   Gracy wants to continue educating and giving everyone opportunities for a better life.  She believes in teaching confidence and credibility to to others, and to give love to our second country that gives us the opportunity of an American Dream.

Veronica Poole: RSVP Project Director
Veronica, a native of Frederick County, recently came on board with the AACF crew in October 2017 as the Project Director for the Retired and Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP). Along with a Bachelor of Science in Psychology, she brings with her two decades of experience working closely with children, adults, and seniors from all walks of life as they navigate through medical, mental health, financial, and social concerns. She has a passion for helping others reach their full potential and has always appreciated diversity, holding a deep belief that every individual has something unique to give.